Westmoreland Flowers

Please double click to enlarge pictures.  All photos by Marshall S Thomas unless otherwise credited.  All Westmoreland residents may download or copy these photos.  The photos show some of the flowers that add a touch of color to the Westmoreland community.  

Homeowners:  We’d like input from residents for the photo gallery.  If you have good photos of your home or grounds or gardens or other scenes from Westmoreland, please attach a digital copy of the photo to an e-mail and send to Marshall Thomas at andrion2@cox.net.  Please keep in mind that the whole planet can view whatever images we put on the website.

The Night Blooming Cereus below is a Vietnamese flower known as ‘Hoa Quynh.’  The blooms are large, white and delicate with a captivating fragrance.  Each bush may have several flowers but the flowers bloom only once a year, around midnight, and die the following morning.  Yes, these flowers are Westmoreland residents.  The more recent photos are from August 31 and September 1, 2009. 

April 2010 - Spring has Sprung!  New flowers are just blooming and a family of at least five deers are roaming around Westmoreland at dusk, looking for tasty snacks (see below).  They especially like my wife’s roses.